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The HereWeStand Initiative is focused on student facing any form of persecution for their political stances. The project was conceived following the arrest of Russian political science student Yegor Zhukov in early August 2019.

Zhukov's case is part of a larger process - the "mass riots" case initiated by Russian authorities following a largely peaceful protest rally on July 27, 2019.

Two other students - Daniil Konon and Valery Kostenok - have also been arrested on the case. They have been released on September 3 along with several other defendants, following a public outcry.

This page presents the current state of the case.
Excerpts from "Where Fear Wins, Silence Falls" article by HereWeStand team.
The protests that shook up Moscow this summer were triggered by the upcoming elections for the Moscow City Duma, the city's parliament. The latest similar spike of election-related protests in Russia happened during the winter of 2011–2012 following widespread media coverage of electoral fraud in parliamentary elections. This time, protests erupted months before elections, which are scheduled for September 2019. Protesters slammed a set of rules that hindered independent candidates from running in these elections.

[...] The street protests triggered by these abuses have since grown dramatically, from some 20,000 participants in a July 21 rally to 50,000 on August 10.

In spite of the largely peaceful nature of the July 27 demonstration, Russian authorities launched a criminal case against the perpetrators of "mass riots," jailing a dozen of people suspected of coordinating these protests.

[...] The legal provisions on "mass riots" are usually used by Russian authorities for political persecutions. "Initially, the [law] article on mass riots was used in case of riots in [prison] colonies and some cases of street riots involving arson and pogroms," said Sergey Smirnov, editor-in-chief of Zona.Media, an outlet reporting on legal issues. Following an opposition demonstration in May 2012, authorities used Article 212 to launch lawsuits against 40 people who participated in the demonstration.

"There had been no doubt that this was a political case," Smirnov said. The recent summer protests in Moscow were demonstrably peaceful, without violence, "let alone pogroms and arsons by demonstrators." Nevertheless, "the authorities again brought charges of mass disorder for political reasons," Smirnov said. He thinks that the charges are so vaguely worded that one can be indicted even for looking in the wrong direction.

The "mass riots" case has provoked a mass public outcry against politcally-motivated repressions in Russia. Currently noticeable treads are focused on youth participation and professional solidarity campaigns with the arrested.

Public attention to the "mass riots" case has resulted in several defendants having their charges dropped or them being released under house arrests. Still, 6 people have been convicted and many await the court decision.
Morning of October 10, Russian police came with raids to the homes of five participats of the summer's rallies. At least one of them, Danny Kulinich, the leader of the Decommunisation movement, was arrested. In the summer REN TV channel showed a report in which Kulinich was called "the organizer of the illegal mass riots from July 27".

Our team is going to be back with updates soon.

Yevgeny Kovalenko, 48

Railroad guard, prosecuted for allegedly pushing a policeman and kicking a trash can in the direction of riot police during the July 27 rally. Denied allegations. Sentenced to 3 years.

Kirill Zhukov, 28

Prosecuted for allegedly trying to lift the helmet visor of a riot policeman during the July 27 rally. Denied allegations. Sentenced to 3,5 years.

Ivan Podkopayev, 25

Prosecuted for spraying pepper gas during the July 27 rally. Sentenced to 3 years.

Daniil Beglec, 26

Entrepreneur. Prosecuted for pulling the hand of a policeman during the July 27 rally. Sentenced to 2 years.

Vladislav Synica
, 30

Sales manager. Prosecuted fort tweeting about possible revenge on the children of policemen following the July 27 rally. Sentenced to 5 years.

Konstantin Kotov, 34

IT-specialist. Prosecuted for numerous alleged violations of the laws on assembly. Sentenced to 4 years.

Samaryddin Radjabov, 21

Blogger and rapper. Prosecuted for participating in the alleged "mass riots" during the July 27 rally and violence against policemen.

Eduard Malyshevsky, 47

Freelance repairer. Prosecuted for pushing a police van window out and allegedly hurting a policeman during the July 27 rally.

Nikita Chyrtsov, 22

Entrepreneur. Prosecuted for pushing a policeman in chest and shoulder during the July 27 rally.
Yegor Zhukov, 21

Undergraduate political science student, initially prosecuted for alleged "mass riots" coordination during the July 27 rally. On September 3, charges have been changed to 'calling for extremist actions online'. Included in the terrorist/extremist blacklist by Russian authorities.

Sergey Fomin, 36

Political activist. Prosecuted for alleged "mass riots" coordination during the July 27 rally.
Dmitry Prokazov & Olga Prokazova

A married couple under prosecution for bringing their 1-year old child to the July 27 and August 3 rallies.

Aydar Gubaidullin, 26

IT-specialist. Prosecuted for allegedly throwing a plastic bottle in the directon of a riot policeman during the July 27 rally.
Daniil Konon, 22

Undergraduate engineering student, arrested on August 3 and prosecuted for alleged "mass riots" participation. Charged dropped on September 3.

Valery Kostenok, 20

Undergraduate engineering student, member of Russian Liberal Party "Yabloko", arrested and prosecuted for alleged "mass riots" participation. Charged dropped on September 3.

Sergei Abanychev, 25

Commercial manager, arrested on August 3 and prosecuted for allegedly throwing a metal soda can in the direction of riot police during July 27 demonstration. Released on September 3.

Dmitry Vasilyev, 43

TV Producer, detained on August 10 on suspicion of participating in alleged "mass riots" and denied medical care vital for his health condition. While under prosecution, was hospitalized several times. Prosecution dropped on August 19.

Vladislav Barbanov, 22

Left Movement Activist, detained on July 27 rally on administrative charges. Detained again after his release on 27. Prosecuted for "mass riots" participation. Charges dropped on September 3.

Alexei Minaylo, 34
Political activist. Prosecuted for participating in the alleged "mass riots" during the July 27 rally. Charges dropped on September 26.
Pavel Ustinov, 24

Actor. Prosectuted for allegedly pulling the hand of one of the policemen detaining him during the July 27 rally. Maintains that he was a bystender, not a participant. A released video of Ustinov's detainment contradicts the version of prosecutors.