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What Is The New Case against Yegor Zhukov Based On?
Originally Published on the Facebook page of Leonid Solovyev (Zhukov's lawyer)
[...] The investigation team has conducted an examination of the videos (at the Institute of Criminology of the Federal Security Agency, what a surprise!). The expert has made a conclusion not in our favor. If we talk about the expert – this citizen has not presented any linguistic diploma, but indicated havin a PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences. He conducted analysis based on his own interpretation of the words, not on research, pulling words out of context, not restraining from legal qualifications (by the way, of very poor quality).

So, not only he did cross the line by assuming the functions of court, but he is also making phylosophical judgements in favor of the investigative authority. For instance, he cites Yegor's words: 'Apply any forms of protest' and thinks that Egor means that we should all forcibly take power and rush into the State Duma with pitchforks.

It sounds as if I invited you for a drink, and this charlatan would have said later that I invited you to drink poison.
Leonid Solovyev
Yegor Zhukov's lawyer