Помогите развивать независимый студенческий журнал — оформите пожертвование.
Putin's Pesky Millennials
Op-Ed by Olga Zeveleva for Meduza ENG
Text Fragment from an op-ed originally published by Meduza
"The youngest members of today's protest movement are now for the first time facing off against riot police, watching their friends get arrested and seeing their homes raided, and many are being arrested themselves and listed as witnesses or suspects in an onslaught of criminal investigations. The stakes for these activists are even higher than they were for the men and women who took to the streets in 2011 and 2012. […]

[But] Russia's protesters today are navigating a new set of narratives in a different digital environment than before. They don't buy into the Kremlin's old foundational myths. They have Telegram bots at their fingertips, entire teams of lawyers on call, and activists from DOXA and "Here We Stand" tirelessly promoting their stories".